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yep, im a geek. but im cooler than you.

Will / Panic / Pastor / Dub
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Once dead, now "revived" as I cross post here from my blog, Prosthetically Hip.

One of the founding members of the Freedom Quarter Union (FQU)

I am known as the Kicker of Elves.

I like my Simpsons animated, my abita amber/guinness cold, my cigarettes smoky, and my metal heavy, fast, and loud ( and NOT nu ).
I like my women like I like my coffee - covered in bees!

Web developer. New Orleans native. Retired Rollerderby referee. Proud homeowner in the Faubourg Marigny.
My life is pretty simple, and i like it like that.

If you want (not likely, I presume) you can buy me stuff: ThinkGeek | Amazon.

Oh yeah, David Hasselhoff's Hot Shot City is particularly good.


A man without enemies is a man without character.
- Paul Newman